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Credit Card Processing Service 101- The True Cost of Free Online Credit Card Processing

So many people will preach about the amazing benefits of all the free services that you can get on the internet. What these people fail to mention is the limits of these services, and how having free services can actually cost your business more in the long run. In the case of free online credit card processing service, you’ll likely lose a lot of customers because of the inconvenience of the checkout experience. See, when you obtain a merchant account to accept credit cards, you are paying for the services. Therefore, the company will work with you to integrate a payment gateway right into your website, making the transactions quick and convenient for your customers.

With free services, the integration part is skipped. Instead, the consumer is usually re-routed to the third-party site when it comes time to pay for their goods or services, which can often leave them feeling confused or like they have to go through that much more hassle to pay for their items. Consider the fact that many of the free credit card processing service companies actually make users create login names and passwords, and you’re adding more hassle to their lives that they just don’t want.

Let’s say that they find a company similar to yours that might charge a tiny bit more for whatever they’re buying. If that company has their own merchant account instead of a free merchant credit card processing service, the checkout process will be quick and convenient, making some people feel it’s okay to pay a little extra to avoid the hassle. Say goodbye to your customers, because they have just been sold to a company that invested in a proper merchant credit card processing account.

The trick is to focus on a credit card merchant account program as an investment in your business, not an expense that you have to pay for. If you spend even $2,000 in six months on credit card processing service expenses, and your business increases by $5,000 because of the credit card acceptance, you’ve just made yourself a $3,000 profit. You have to look at credit card processing service like it is a business investment to see what it can truly do for you. If you invest nothing by using a free online credit card processing service, you should expect to get very little in return. Invest in a service that isn’t free, and you’ll likely get better features, as well as a better shot at success.

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