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What makes PayRover different?

Card Associations like Visa and MasterCard charge different rates (called "interchange") for different card types. The industry standard is to mark-up these interchange rates by 30-60%. We don't. PayRover has a unique Raw Cost Platform™ where you can process cards at cost, with zero mark-up. Bottom line, we're better.

How much does PayRover cost?

PayRover has two different Raw Cost Platforms; one for large merchants called SaveMeNow™ and one for small merchants, called SaveMeLater™. Merchants can choose the right plan to maximize their savings.

SaveMeNow™ (for large merchants who process more than $10,000/month) is $99/month plus $20 for each 0-$10,000 processed. For example, if $20,000 is processed in one month, you would pay a usage fee of $40 ($20 per $10,000) plus the SaveMeNow™ platform fee of $99, for a total of $139 that month. The minimum monthly fee for the SaveMeNow™ Raw Cost Platform is $109 per month.

SaveMeLater™ (for small merchants who process less than $10,000/month) is $49/month plus $10 for each 0-$1,000 processed. For example, if $2,000 is processed in one month, you would pay a usage fee of $20 ($10 per $1,000) plus the SaveMeLater™ Platform fee of $49, for a total of $69 that month. The minimum monthly fee for the SaveMeLater™ Raw Cost Platform is $59 per month.

The only additional cost to Merchants on either plan is the Raw Cost (interchange as asessed by Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express) for each card type plus a 10ยข processing fee for each transaction. Interchange rates vary depending upon card types accepted. Debit cards are less expensive to accept than rewards cards, and corporate cards are the most expensive card type to accept. To see example interchange rates charged on the most popular card types, visit our rate calculator.

Note: As of May 2012, in response to the Durbin Amendment, Visa has now made it mandatory for all card processors to assess a $5 monthly fee per location per merchant as part of interchange.

The rates are so low, how does PayRover make money?

We make money on our monthly Raw Cost Platform™ fees for the SaveMeNow™ and SaveMeLater™ plans. Although we don't make as much as we would if we marked up interchange, we believe it's a fair and sustainable margin. Our Large Merchants enjoy a dramatic savings and our small merchants enjoy the simplicity of our plans. We believe we have developed a win-win scenario for merchants of any size.

How and when do I get my money?

Funds for all transaction types will be deposited to your bank account within 2 business days. We take our "Get Paid" tag line seriously!

How can PayRover guarantee my savings?

On average, after our platform and usage fees are applied, we continue to save merchants $100 on every $10,000 processed. Also, we don't charge extra for gateway fees, rewards and corporate cards, statement fees, batch fees or American Express transaction fees. Checks are always just 50¢. As part of our GOTCHA GUARANTEE, if you ever see that we've added any unexpected fees, we'll pay you $500 on the spot.

How do I use the Raw Cost Platform™ to process cards and checks?

There are three ways to process cards and checks on our Raw Cost Platform

1) Your customers can enter their payments into your shopping cart. PayRover integrates with almost any known shopping cart. Ask your developer to check out our API

2) Your Customers can enter their payments into a payment form. A payment form is a simple web page customized with your logo, where customers can enter their payment info on a self-serve basis. Its great solution for busy service professionals who don't have a website.

3) You (or your staff) can quickly and easily enter your customer's payment info into the Raw Cost Platform 24 hours a day/7 days a week. You can store payment info for repeat customers, send e-mail receipts automatically and set-up recurring billing. This method is used by home-based business owners and by service merchants who have office managers, bookkeepers, call centers, sales reps, etc.

Can I keep my terminal?

Yes, in many cases we can reprogram your existing swipe terminal in 10 minutes or less by phone. If your sales are entered into a computer with special software, and your customers visit you in person, you might already have (or you might want to buy) a simple inexpensive swipe device that connects to your computer via USB. Finally, if you're selling high-ticket items in a mobile face-to-face environment (like a tradeshow or in a kiosk) you might want to investigate a mobile swipe device. PayRover's support staff is very experienced in dealing with online and offline transaction processing needs. Call us anytime at (888) PayRover (888) 729-7683.

What kind of features come with the Raw Cost Platform?

The Raw Cost Platform was designed with the merchant in mind. You can enter and store card and check information easily and quickly, send e-mail receipts electronically, implement a payment form, and even bill your customer's cards or checking accounts on a weekly or monthly basis. No software or hardware is required.

Here are just a few of our standard features:

All Major Credit Cards are processed at Raw Cost

No other processor passes through raw costs like PayRover! As part of our GOTCHA GUARANTEE, if you ever see that we've added any unexpected fees, we'll pay you $500 on the spot.

Process Checks or ACH for Just 50¢

With our unique ACH feature, paper checks can be processed as easily as cards for just 50¢ (regardless of the amount). You'll never have to stand in line at the bank again! Simply enter the routing number and checking account number into the Platform and you'll receive a direct deposit in your bank account within 72 hours. Take checks, they are cheaper!

Set Up Recurring Billing

The recurring billing feature enables you to automate your billing and collections process by charging your customers on a set schedule and e-mailing a receipt. This is a great feature for monthly charges of the same amount such as rental fees, cable services, subscriptions, gym memberships, and daycare fees, retainers and more.

Send E-Mail Receipts Automatically

Spend less time with your bookkeeper and more time making money.
Create branded e-mail receipts or use our standard format. Customers will always know when you've debited their credit card or checking account. The system automatically sends e-mail receipts.

Store Payment Info for Repeat Customers

Now you can store payment information by customer name, phone number or account number. This feature is great for restaurant to go orders, dry cleaning services or for any type of repeat service. Storing payment info saves you and your customers time and makes doing business with you more desirable.

Accept Payments Securely on Your Website or Ours

Our Raw Cost Platform can integrate into almost any known shopping cart. If you don't have a website or a shopping cart, create a payment form and host it on our secure site so customers can enter their own card and check info to buy your products or services.

Create Custom Reports

The Platform offers many intuitive reports and you can always design your own.
All reports can be exported into an Excel file and downloaded to your computer.

Get Unlimited Support

Phone support is available from our west coast support center during business hours (M-F 8am-5pm PST). Call 888 PayRover (888) 729-7683

How soon can I start?

PayRover processes your application the moment it is received. In most cases you can begin processing payments in about three business days.

How do I start?

Getting started is quick and easy. Simply go to our online form by clicking Start Now and a PayRover representative will contact you within 24 hours. If you want to speak with someone immediately call 888-PayRover (888-729-7683) or email us.

What are my chances of getting approved?

98% of business owners get approved for a merchant account. Here are some tips that can make the process of getting a merchant account easier:

Use the Social Security number of the owner with the best credit score or add a co-signer with good credit who can sign a personal guarantee for chargebacks that might occur.

If the business is less than one year old or if the average ticket is expected to exceed $500, please be prepared to provide recent bank statements and/or tax returns and possibly a copy of your driver's license or your business license.

What if my business is based outside the US?

Since 9/11 we've been restricted from opening merchant accounts for businesses based outside the US. Its best to use a processor based in your own country.

Can I process international cards?

While we can process international card transactions for US based merchants, these transactions are seen as high risk. Merchants processing international payments will need to have a solid history, good credit scores, reserves and financial statements. If you fall into a high-risk category, we may refer you to a high-risk processor that can better suit your needs.

What About Security?

PayRover takes security very seriously. Our platform uses the most powerful security tools that exist in the marketplace and all sensitive information, including bank account and credit card information, is stored encrypted.

The PayRover website and all PayRover features, including hosted web forms, use a 256-bit TrustWave Extended Validation certificate, but accommodate the majority of browsers at 128-bit encryption.

Processing is performed by SSL (Secured Socket Layer) and compliant with PCI DSS - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

What about PCI compliance?

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) has become one of the most important advances in the credit card industry and online security, and is now required by Visa/MasterCard for all merchants handling credit cards. Not following these rules can result in fines to the merchant and processing privileges being suspended. SecurityMetrics, a VISA Qualified Security Assessor, has independently audited PayRover and certified that PayRover is PCI DSS compliant.

PayRover's Raw Cost Platform™ is designed to provide a secure and easy solution that strictly follows these rules, without inhibiting business processes. All credit card data is stored encrypted, and cannot be decrypted-except during the process of transmitting a transaction. This means that if transactions are entered directly into the system, or if card numbers are saved in the system for future one-time or recurring transactions, the merchant is, by definition, operating under PCI compliant standards, because PayRover itself has been certified.

The PayRover Solution never stores CVV2 data. Merchants have the opportunity, though, to enter it for one-time transactions to enhance security and the probability the transaction will be approved. The PayRover Platform never stores swiped track data for any reason.

Catch Us Adding Fees and We'll Pay You $500!

We call it our GOTCHA GAURANTEE. If you ever see that we've added any unexpected fees, we'll pay you $500 on the spot. Please submit your information so we can contact you and answer any questions you may have. We've GOTCHA covered!


Apply now and enjoy:

No setup fees or hidden fees

Potential to accept cards free

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