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Online Merchant Accounts - Choosing a Merchant Account Provider

There are so many different choices for online merchant accounts. For many people, this can lead to an overwhelming sense of not knowing what to choose. However, as long as you take the time to learn about the different companies that are out there and how each one can benefit you, finding the right merchant account provider should be simple. Before you even get started, you might already have heard about all the fees and costs of having these accounts, and you should immediately put that thought out of your head. Think of this as an investment in your business. If you pay for quality services, you will see increased sales and success.

Online merchant accounts come in many different types. There are standard accounts for most businesses, high risk accounts for businesses that are more susceptible to chargebacks and fraud, and even free online merchant accounts for people who are just starting out or don’t want to pay. Here is where a very important point needs to be made. Unless you truly cannot afford an account, you should skip the free online merchant accounts because they are generally more trouble than they are worth. If you’re on the road to success and willing to invest in your business, then do it. A free account will clog up your checkout process and often deter customers from completing the transaction.

Imagine you have two websites. One has its own payment gateway and merchant account provider, while the other sells the same products and uses one of the free online merchant accounts services. The customer gets to the checkout, and clicks on the ‘continue’ button. The first website will take them to a page where they can fill out information and complete the sale in about 3 to 5 minutes. The second website redirects them to a third-party site, where they must either register or sign in as a guest to complete their transaction. The process takes between 5-10 minutes to complete, and is hard to follow. Odds are that the first website has a better chance of getting the sale.

Not all online merchant accounts are created the same, which is why choosing a merchant account provider comes down to determining what would be best for your particular business. Free online merchant accounts are okay as a temporary solution, but it is much better to pay for an account in the long run, because you will definitely get what you pay for with merchant accounts.

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