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Process Payment - Your Options for Processing Payments Online

When you are working with accepting payment card transactions in your business, many of the services for processing payments will go through an automated clearing house, otherwise known as ACH. You’ve probably seen this a few times on your own personal debit or credit card statements listed as “ACH Debit”. If you’ve ever wondered what it means, now you know. An automated clearing house is an electronic network that was created specifically to process payments for many types of businesses. The ACH network deals with large volumes of payments on a regular basis.

When you process payment online through ACH, you will be among many businesses that use these services. ACH can be used for direct deposit, direct payment of bills, business to business (B2B) payments, e-checks, tax payments, and e-commerce or online transactions. Many companies are turning to the automated clearing house to process payments for their business, because of the ease of use and the affordability of the program. Rather than charging high transaction rates, most ACH services only charge 20 to 50 cents per transaction, which can save any business a lot of money on processing payments.

To process credit card payments through a traditional merchant account, most businesses will pay about 2% per transaction. If you have a $100 sale, that’s $2.00 each. Considering that ACH transactions are lower, you could save around $1.50 to $1.80, which might not seem like much at first. However, consider that you have 100 transactions in three days that are all around $100. That ends up saving you $150 to $180 in the long run. Over time, it just keeps getting better. Saving money when you process payment will allow your business to make more profit, which is the whole point of having a business in the first place.

While traditional payment processing is still popular, more and more people are turning to ACH because it is so much more affordable. If you are looking for the most cost-effective solution to process payments through your website, the automated clearing house might be a better choice than any merchant account. Take the time to think about how you want to process payments online, and how ACH can benefit you. You can even pay your vendors with an ACH account, saving you the hassle of mailing checks or working with two or three different accounts for your business. If you end up choosing ACH, make sure you find one of the companies that allow you to process payments automatically instead of manually.

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